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For lots of resources to help your children thrive
On this page we have put together some useful resources to help with home learning and supporting your children at home. We’d like to grow the information on this page until it becomes an essential support resource for all Year Groups at St. Johns. We’ll try and keep you updated with the current curriculum, with homework support, spelling and reading lists and other resources including links to useful websites and recommended revision books.

We can’t grow this page without your input, so if you have a useful website or other resource you’d like to share, email it through so that we can add it to the page. Perhaps we can also add some ‘How to’ guides. If you have a fantastic method for making an exploding volcano, a quick tip for learning times tables or something else you can share – let us know. Email your information here.

 Times Tables Games

Typing practice

 Spelling Games


 Division Methods

 Ladder Method

 Tudor England

 Victorian Britain


Spelling rules

All the spelling rules children will need to know for KS2 SATS