Breakfast and After School Clubs

Our Breakfast and After school clubs are run by Sherpa Kids.
Here are some FAQs

Sherpa Kids is a global company operational since 1996. We provide quality After School Care, Breakfast Clubs and Holiday Clubs. Currently we are in 6 schools in London and in over 150 schools around the world.

In the same way as mountaineers use the skills and knowledge of the Sherpa people to guide them safely to their summit, you can rely on Sherpa Kids’ expertise and hard work in organising outstanding out of hours school care at your school.

In the school dining room

During the Breakfast Club session children will enjoy a breakfast comprising a choice of cereals with toast plus juice, milk or water to drink. Children will be able to relax, play games, do a little homework and participate in activities based upon our changing weekly theme.  At the end of the session, at 8.50am, the children will be released into the school when the bell goes.

Regular bookings: 7.45am-8.50am  – £4

Ad’hoc booking: 7.45am-8.50am –  £5

We offer a 10% discount for siblings who make a Permanent Booking.

Yes, we run After School Clubs at Frith Manor, Tudor Primary School and Millbrook Park.

All of our After School Clubs are Ofsted registered and inspected and all currently have “Good” ratings, however Ofsted do not register any childcare setting that operates for less than 2 hours per day and stand-alone breakfast clubs generally do not last this long. This means that our breakfast club at St John’s cannot be Ofsted registered – it is not a question of us opting not to, it’s simply not permitted. In spite of this all Sherpa Kids operations abide by all of the Ofsted requirements.

All our staff meet the qualification requirements laid down by Ofsted. Furthermore, our staff undergo a hand selected recruitment and training process that involves the following:

  • Recruitment interview
  • Reference checks
  • Full qualifications as required by Ofsted
  • DBS Check
  • Paediatric First Aid

Our training includes: First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma, Behaviour Management, Food Safety, Sherpa Kids Systems and Processes.

We conduct ongoing Performance Reviews from Sherpa Kids Head Office, Parental visits and take parents’ feedback seriously.

Recent changes by Ofsted allow a staff ratio of 1:30 for out of school hours childcare. At Sherpa Kids, we exceed the required regulations when it comes to these ratios and our promise is that they will never fall below 1:15 with a minimum of two staff always on duty. This ensures the safety of the children and quality of service.

Any child attending Reception Year or above at the school is eligible to enrol. We strongly recommend that an enrolment form is filled out for every pupil in the school whether you intend to use the service or not. This proves to be helpful in some unforeseen circumstances where a parent may require our services at short notice. No child may attend unless we have a completed enrolment form for them. All details will be stored in a locked cabinet and only used in accordance with our confidentiality policy.

Parents of children in Reception please note that your children are not permitted to attend breakfast club until after the October half term holiday. This is to give them the chance to become acclimatised to the school before they are exposed to an extended school day.

We hope to be able to provide places for all children who need them but we will offer initial priority to those wishing to make bookings for 5 days per week and for those with siblings.

Thereafter, we will take bookings for all those wishing to book for regular days each week. Finally, if there are still places available, these will be kept for those wishing to book on an ad’hoc basis.

Enrolment forms and parent handbooks are available upon request from and can also be collected from the school office.

After over 25 years in promotional and advertising agencies, the last 12 of which were at board level, I decided it was time to focus my efforts in a sector that really means something to me.

So now with Sherpa Kids I have the chance to apply all that I’ve learnt in pursuit of a cause that has genuine worth, above and beyond the commercial. I understand only too well that the challenges of everyday life mean that parents cannot always arrange their busy schedules to coincide with the school day and that for many, childcare is the only solution. My goal is to raise standards of extended school care and in so doing, ensure that parents can have total confidence that their children’s happiness, well-being, and development is in no way compromised by work and other commitments.

I am a father of two young daughters, Anna & Martha and so know, as a customer of breakfast and after school clubs myself, just how important it is to find a good one.

We look forward to supporting you and the school at all times and to providing a quality and fun Breakfast Club.

For further information please call John Geers on 0208 350 7613 or 07803 887610 or email