Year 3


Welcome to Year 3

We are a team – together we learn, together we move forward.

With our first topic, ‘Through the Ages’ we will rediscover prehistoric Britain from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. We will learn about writing a short narrative, instructions and an information report.

In our second term’s topic, “Rocks, Relics and Rubble”, we will journey to the centre of the Earth! We will learn about the layers of our planet, types of rocks romed and volcanic (tectonic) activity.

Join us on our learning journey!

Year 3 News

Some of the fantastic activities your child will enjoy in the Year 3

 Weekly use of laptops and ipads

Weekly specialist art lessons

Half-termly trip related to our topic

 Weekly swimming class

 6 week introduction to street dance

Weekly Italian lessons

Weekly ‘Yes Programme’

Learning games on the class IPads

Weekly singing sessions

Meet Our Staff

Meet our Year 3 teachers and support staff!

Miss Hagan


Mrs Coletta

Teaching Assistant