Our Pool

A wonderful resource for each year group and beyond.
We are so lucky to have our own pool, one of just a handful of schools in the local authority to possess such a fantastic facility. Swimming is an important part of our curriculum and with every child enjoying a weekly swim from reception class through to Y6, every child leaves our school a confident and competent swimmer. Swimming is a life skill – once learned never forgotten. As well as being fun it keeps you healthy. It can also save your life!

Meet our Swimming Teacher

Our school 2016-17 timetable is as follows:

Mr Andy Staite


Swimming Teacher

 Nursery Swimming – Monday 12 noon-12.30 pm /
Wednesday 11.30 am-12 noon / Thursday 11.30 am-12 noon

 Reception class – Wednesday morning

 Year 1 – Thursday morning

 Year 2 – Friday morning

 Year 3 – Monday morning

 Year 4 – Tuesday morning

 Year 5 – Friday afternoon

 Year 6 – Monday afternoon

Why not hire our pool for a party?

Great fun for groups of of up to 15 primary aged children!

 Day: Sunday

 Time: 3.30-5.30 pm

 Cost: £175 for 1 hour swim and 1 hour to eat (includes use of our dining hall)

 Party size: 15 children maximum (primary school age)

 Staff: 2 fully qualified teachers/lifeguards

Contact Carolyn Ansell on 020 8368 1154 for further information

Swim School at St. John's

Swim Schools providing additional lessons

 London Swimming Academy: Saturday 9-11 am

 Water Babies: Tuesday 11.15 am-1.15 pm / Saturday 11.30 am-5.30 pm & Sunday 9 am-1.30 pm. Contact Carmel Tiley on 020 3617 8823

 Andy Staite Swimming: Monday – Thursday 4.30-5.30 pm Sunday 2-3 pm www. justswim.org.uk
Andy – 07854 157 366

Please ask at the school office for more information