Equality and Diversity

Here at St John’s primary school, we are continuously committed to the wellbeing and development of our children, especially in accordance with our Christian ethos. Galatians 3 vs 26 and 28

To support this effort further, an Equality Working party has been established to reinforce our stance on Equality and Diversity.  This working party is made up of a diverse group of parents and staff to ensure a varied perspective when addressing all aspects related to this topic and its impact within our school community.  The working party members are as follows:

  • Governors: Odette Brooks and Temi Kuti
  • Parents: Irene Moore and Odette Brooks
  • Staff: Macci Dobie and Araba Hagan

The core objectives of this working party, but not limited, are to:

  • Support in the creation of clear guidelines and policies on all aspects of Equality and Diversity which aim to promote and uphold equality and non-discrimination, fairness, respect, peaceful conflict resolution, participation, inclusion and accountability.
  • Provide guidance on how the school can further enhance its curriculum on areas of Equality and Diversity by representing a diverse range of people, topics and ideas, challenging stereotypes and enabling pupils to learn about equality, diversity and inclusion in a safe space.
  • Equip all staff, students and the wider community with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable us to recognise and live up to these values and principles.
  • Promote the benefits of equality, diversity, and inclusion in our school community.
  • Ensure that we are showcasing and celebrating the diversity of the world throughout the school experience.
  • Strengthen a rights respecting culture at our school in which equality, dignity, non-discrimination, accountability, participation and empowerment guide every aspect of our school community.
  • Recognise informal and incidental learning.  When we learn outside structured classroom settings, without realising we are learning through our interactions with others.  In so doing we are promoting the practice of these principles in the context of our everyday lives and embedding them in daily actions and attitudes.

The members of the Equality working party are committed to promoting the values of these objectives and will continually encourage positive dialogue and accountability where required.

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion requires commitment from everybody in the school community.

If you have any questions or added suggestions, please email the school office at office@stjohnsn11.barnetmail.net


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