Intervention Programmes (Y2 – Y6 Pupils)

We endeavour to provide every child with the best opportunities to succeed in their learning. This is achieved through quality teaching and encouraging positive attitudes towards learning among our pupils. In addition children receive targeted support from teaching assistants and teachers both within and outside the classroom and within and outside the normal school day.  One such form of support offered is our Consolidation Programme:

This intervention programme begins early in the morning- 8.40-9.20am.  It has been run over considerable time (previously known as ‘RAPID’ or ‘CATCH-UP’).  Any child may be chosen to take part, from Y2 to Y6, so this information letter is sent to all parents.  Please read the following information carefully and keep the letter for reference.

What is ‘Consolidation Intervention Programme’?  This half-termly programme focusses on re-visiting aspects within English and Maths, covered the previous half term, which appear not to be fully understood (as evidenced from classwork and results during assessments).

Who is it aimed at?  ANY CHILD who may have shown mis-understanding on an aspect of learning the previous half term and therefore will benefit from re-visiting and re-learning.

Does this mean my child may have special needs?  NO.  Most children need reinforcement of concepts from time to time- no matter what their level of performance, so this programme is for all children.

Who runs the programme? Our team of teachers and our specially trained Teaching Assistants, who support either English or Maths lessons in the classroom, and are therefore well placed to see which children need extra help.

Who makes the decision as to which children are chosen? The class teacher, in consultation with the Teaching Assistant and Mrs Ttofis.

What evidence is used to choose the children?  Class performance over the half term in the main; in addition results from half-termly assessments are taken into account.

How are the children grouped together? A group of 4 to 6 children are chosen for each intervention programme, who have shown to have the same misunderstandings,  and will therefore benefit from the same intervention programme.

How long is each intervention programme? A programme will last for a half term- 6 weeks- and will be taught one morning a week.  The children will be tested before and after the programme so that progress can be measured.

 Will parents know the outcome of the programme?   YES- a short report will be given for each child at the end of the 6 week programme, outlining the progress made.

How will I know if my child has been selected for the programme?  You will receive notification by letter at the end of a half term, outlining the type of intervention your child will receive (which aspect of English or Maths) the following half term; the day and time of the sessions (please note that all session times are 8.40-9.20am); the name of the Teacher/Teaching Assistant who will be delivering it.

What do I do once I have received the notification letter containing all the information?  You need to return the tear-off slip giving your consent for your child to attend, and acknowledging the requirement to attend ALL 6 sessions and be ON TIME for each one.

Will I be able to speak to someone about the programme if my child is selected?  YES. I will offer a group morning meeting time, before each half-termly programme begins, for any parent who wishes to receive extra clarification or have further questions to ask.  This time will be included on the notification letter that your child will bring home.  You may also speak to your child’s teacher.

Do I need to pay for these sessions? NO- all expenses will be met by the school.  Please be aware that the school does not receive external funding for this programme; we are therefore very determined that money is not wasted through lack of attendance.

You will acknowledge that for children to show any progress they will need to be present each week- 6 sessions are a minimum.  Judging progress over 3 or 4 sessions does not provide enough evidence due to lack of opportunity to practise the concept.  I will therefore be monitoring attendance closely and will be in touch if your child misses a session or is continually late.  In this respect your child may be refused entry to the session if they have missed the introduction given, in fairness to the other children.  If you know your child will need to miss a session you MUST make contact with me to let me know.

It is vital that this intervention programme is viewed positively by parent and child if progress is to be made.  Should your child be offered the opportunity for extra reinforced learning, free of charge, please speak to them positively so that they come mentally prepared for each session.

We are continually trying to meet the individual needs of all our learners- please be assured of our continued efforts in this regard; I thank you for your support in your child’s learning.

Mrs Ttofis



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