Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

In Year 2 we believe that we can achieve all our goals by learning and working hard in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As the children are maturing, they are now given greater responsibility, with an increased emphasis on independent learning.

The numeracy topics continue as in Year 1, with the addition of learning times tables, specifically those of 2, 5, 3 and 10s, to be learnt by the end of the year. Nevertheless any timetables practice at home will be welcomed!

By adopting a thematic approach to teaching English, children should develop an increased sense of purpose for their writing and be more excited and enthusiastic about the subject matter. English lessons focus on developing children’s writing skills in a range of genres including narrative, poetry, information books, recounts and non-chronological reports. During weekly grammar lessons, the children will improve core skills for writing, focusing on developing use of punctuation, vocabulary and sentence structure.

We aim to  make reading a fun, exciting and rewarding part of children’s everyday life. Children get regular opportunties to read independently and with adult support through shared and guided reading activities.

6 week Taekwondo lessons

Weekly Italian lessons

  Creative Curriculum workshops and trips

 Weekly swimming lessons

Buddying with Year 6

 Specialist weekly art session

Maths and English games on the class IPads

Meet our staff

Mr Diomedous


Mrs Coletta

Teacher Assistant