Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilty

The provision and SEND Policy for St. John’s
The ‘Special Educational Needs Information Report’ and the ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy’ are two important documents for parents as they describe the provision made for children with ‘Special Educational Needs and Disability’ (SEND) at St John’s School.

The ‘Information Report’ gives the overview of the process: the types of SEND provided for; the role of the Special Educational needs Co-ordinator (SENCO); the identification of children and the partnership with children and families; working with outside agencies and the assessment procedures necessary in order to determine progress. It is an important document for parental guidance and information.


The ‘Policy’ goes beyond the overview, and describes the school’s processes and provision in greater detail: the Aims and Objectives of the provision; the four broad categories of need; the ‘Graduated Approach’ showing the assessment and identification procedures; training of staff and the identification of key individuals; references to key policies etc.

The two documents together, with supporting appendices, give a full explanatory account of the inclusive programme offered at St John’s School. In addition, the ‘Information for Parents’ booklets provide further expansion of provision on particular areas of SEND.

Parents are encouraged to make contact with Mrs Attanasio, ‘Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator’ (SENCO) to discuss any matters pertinent to SEND, as described in the documentation, or to share their concerns about their child’s academic or emotional development. She can be contacted via the school office.

SEN Information for Parents

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Medical Conditions

The below attachment contains additional info for parents

St John’s School takes the well-being of every child very seriously.  We work with health professionals to ensure that the needs of every child is provided for.  We have Health Care Plans in place for diagnosed medical conditions, signed by the parents and staff and these are regularly checked and updated by our Welfare Co-ordinator, Mrs Carol Pacey.  She liaises with parents and ensures that the medical needs of the children are being met.

In each class are the medical bags for the children, close at hand when needed; TAs (who are all 1st Aid trained) oversee the administration of medication when required.  Medical bags accompany the classes each time the children are out of the school building, either on local trips or sporting occasions.

All staff undergo Epipen Training annually so that they are in an informed position to administer an Epipen if required (for allergies).

Please read the policy for more detail concerning the school’s medical provision and procedures.