Welcome to our school.

This page has been created in the summer term of 2020 to provide you with information which you will find helpful in preparation for your child joining our school in the 2020-21 academic year. Normally we would hold a face-to-face meeting providing you with the opportunity to meet school staff, find out about your child’s new school experiences and ask questions. With the partial closure of school due to Covid-19 this is of course not possible.

We have therefore put together a pack of information for parents and carers of children joining either the reception or nursery class and a powerpoint presentation featuring both video and audio messages from myself (Head Teacher Graham Gunn) and class teachers (Maya Onwukwe, Nursery and Kara Napier, Reception Class).

Please view the powerpoint presentations below in conjunction with the hard-copy packs you have received. Please ensure that you return all the information we have requested to the school office at your very earliest opportunity and by no later than the date you have been given.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the relevant member of staff by email (office@stjohnsn11.barnetmail.net):
– Mrs. Gabriella Toth, school office manager – free school meals, pupil premium eligibilty and nursery 30 hours entitlement
– Miss Onwukwe – general information, Nursery
– Miss Napier – general information, Reception Class
– Mr. Gunn – Head Teacher