Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

New challenges in KS2
In Year 4, our learning grows as we become creative, self- controlled, curious, collaborative and most importantly, through being resilient! We learn to not give up easily and to see mistakes as important in finding new ways to solve problems. Year 4 problem solvers go on to become problem solvers in life!

Year 4 class trips and workshops:
London Sea Life Aquarium,  the Roman Verulamium Museum, the  Science Museum, Freshwater Theatre workshops, Rainbow Theatre and African Activities workshops

With our first Y4 topic, ‘Blue Abyss’, we will learn about our world’s seas and oceans and many magnificent and wonderful sea creatures.

With our ‘Burps, Bottoms and Bile’ topic, we’ll go on an adventure through the digestive system. We’ll begin our voyage in the mouth with molars, canines and incisors and twist our way through intestinal tubes to an interesting end…

In our ‘Potions’ topic we will discover scientific mixtures, strange concoctions and states of matter. Get your goggles ready!

In our ‘I Am Warrior’ topic, we’ll learn about Boudicca’s revolt, life as a Roman Soldier (what was a sponge on a stick used for?) and battle through the Ancient Roman timeline. We’ll set off to answer this question: How did the Romans change Britain?

Next, is ‘Traders and Raiders’. Discover powerful and brave Saxons who wave their battle axes and brandish their swords as they invade Britain’s shores. Before long, we’ll meet the bloodthirsty Vikings from Scandinavia!

In ‘Stories From Around the World’ we’ll listen to rich storytelling and write our own stories from different cultures.

Our class will be given the chance to participate in our Community Cohesion programme that links our children with the Age UK and cooking for the homeless. It is an excellent opportunity for our children to respond and outreach to all members of our community.

Some of the enriching activities your child will enjoy in Year 4

 Practical Maths with Mr Davison

Cooking with Mrs Becker

Weekly use of laptops and ipads

 Weekly swimming class

Creative Curriculum workshops and trip

 Specialist weekly art session

Weekly Italian lessons

Weekly drumming lessons

Regular class singing sessions

Meet Our Staff

Meet our Y4 teacher and support staff

Miss Starodubtseva

Mrs Mansfield

Mrs Mansfield

Teaching Assistant

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