Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

The final year of learning at St. John’s
This is a year that will prove to be both exciting and challenging for the children.  Having arrived at their last year in primary the children will be expected to take on a greater sense of responsibility both for their own learning and for the wider community.

The children will have the opportunity to consolidate, develop and extend their learning in order to help them prepare for SATs testing at the end of the year.  With support both from parents and school staff, the children will be encouraged to achieve their full potential in readiness for their transfer to secondary school.


In Year 6 we aim for the children to develop an increased understanding of their role as citizens in the wider world by taking on such responsibilities as: helping at the parish lunch, developing leadership skills by representing their house as ‘House/Vice Captain’ and for a wide array of sports teams.

Throughout the year, the children will have the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of various themed projects: these include Maafa (History); Frozen Kingdoms (Geography) and Britain at War.  These imaginative learning projects will be supported through planned visits and workshops.  In addition to this the children will be given the opportunity to take part in secondary transfer workshops, for example the Junior Citizenship programme run by the police.

We spend lots of time preparing the children for their transition to secondary school, so they feel assured in doing so. The year culminates in the children being involved in the summer production, taking on the major parts and roles.  It proves to be an enjoyable end to the year where ‘hidden’ talents really do shine through.

Some of the fantastic activities your child will enjoy in Year 6

  Serving lunch at the parish centre fortnightly

 Representing the school in various sporting events throughout the year

  Become a Young Sports Ambassador

 Become a House or Vice captain

 Kayaking / Bell boating sports enrichment

School journey to Bude

 Weekly swimming

 End of year school production

 Specialist art sessions

Reading with Reception

Year 6 News

Meet Our Staff

Meet our teachers and support staff!

Mrs Horne

Lead Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Mariou

Year 6 teacher: Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays
Mrs Mansfield

Mrs Mansfield

Teaching Assistant

Mr Brooker

Part time Specialist Numeracy Teacher

Year 6 Photographs