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Introduction from our Head

Mr. Graham Gunn, our Head Teacher, talks about our school

Mr Gunn

We offer a happy and secure environment where learning is both challenging and fun! We seek to provide the best conditions to enable children to flourish; to grow up to be respectful, thoughtful, confident and caring. We are committed to making sure that school is a special place that allows everyone to thrive – academically and socially. As a Christian school we recognise that we are all equal in the eyes of God and that we possess unique gifts. We seek to nurture these ‘gifts’ to create a vibrant school community where individuals are encouraged to work together for the common good. The principle ‘love God, love neighbour’ governs our attitudes and our actions and all these things are reflected in the school mission statement ‘Faith, Excellence and Enjoyment.’



Y5 to Lee Valley Farm


Y5/6 Keysteps Gymnastics


YR to Science Museum

Updated 28.2.2018

BAD WEATHER ALERTS: School closure due to snow will be communicated to you via our texting system. Whilst every effort will be made to provide you with as much notice as possible, decisions will inevitably be at short notice and most commonly announced during the evening or the early morning. Decisions are made with the wellbeing of all members of our school community in mind. Thank you for your understanding and support on such occasions.

Updated 28.02.2018

We hope that you wil join us for a charity breakfast on the 23rd March (8-8.45am) to raise funds for Barnet Hospital. All members of or school community welcome.
We are currently developing the ‘Learning Zone’ (accessible via the tab on the home page). We aim over time to make this a valuable resource for both parents and pupils, providing information on a range of topics to help you support your child’s learning and keep abreast of developments in the world of education. Information is and will continue to be added from this time onwards, so please visit the pages from time to time for all sorts of information that we hope you will find helpful and interesting.
THE LEARNING ZONE: Material added to the ‘Educational Websites’  (‘Lower KS2 Topics’ box) & ‘Education News’ pages for examples of how this resource will develop.