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On this page we offer links to educational websites that you might like to share with your children. If you are looking for inspiration, information and facts on a particular subject your child is studying, the chances are that you will find it here!
On this page we will direct you to venues that you might like to visit as a family. These centres may or may not be visited by the school but we think that they offer a nice day out for parents and children to enjoy together. We will also provide you with ideas for activities that you and your child/children can enjoy during an end of term or half-term school holiday. The suggestions we provide are a snapshot of things which are occurring within the local area or further afield. They have been chosen because they may have educational value or simply because they are fun. The choice is yours!
Our curriculum is designed to provide your children with a wide range of rich and rewarding experiences to enjoy during school hours. If your child has a special interest or aptitude that you would like them to develop in their own time, here are a few suggestions