Local Clubs

On this page you will find details of clubs within the local area that may be of interest to you and your children. While we cannot recommend or vouch for the quality of provision of each individual organisation we have listed, we hope that you find it useful to be signposted to clubs that your child may enjoy attending or trying out. This is not a definitive list of clubs and organisations as there are too many for us to include, but please do let me know if your child attends a club which they particularly enjoy and you are happy to recommend if it is not included below. We are offering information under two headings: sport and other.


Barnet Partnership for School Sport: BPSS promotes and supports sport in primary schools in Barnet. The organisation complements the wonderful PE Syllabus we offer by organising sports events and tournaments for all subscribing schools. We pay an annual membership fee to benefit from the wonderful range of services BPSS provide. The link below will take you to the BPSS clubs page. This is where you can find details of the vast array of sports clubs within the local community. These clubs are for both youngsters and adults and there is ‘something for everyone!’


While you are here, why not take a look at the BPSS website. Here you can find out about the service they offer schools and what’s happening this school year. Visit: