Kevin Gujadhur

PCC Governor

My initial education took place in South Africa where I was born.

Growing up there exposed me to a range of distractions that challenged me. It has informed my approach to engaging with children who struggle with studies or life choices.
I moved to London in 2004 where I developed my career as a Biomedical Scientist with the NHS. It has been an enriching experience from the start, engaging with a diverse selection of colleagues and patients, while working on projects that involve big challenges but ultimately deliver results which make a significant difference to a healthcare system that serves so many.
As a bonus I met and married my wife, Van, while working for the NHS.
We moved to Friern Barnet in 2011 and shortly after I began a journey of discovery at St John’s Church.
Being a part of initiatives that support development and growth with far reaching positive outcomes have always resonated with me, so when the offer to join the Parochial Church Council at St John’s came my way, I eagerly accepted it.
The thought of being a PCC governor to the school did initially feel daunting and to some extent, still does. However, the opportunity to share my experiences and possibly inform policy for the education and growth of children is not one I can let pass me by.
I also intend to become a better and more informed person in the process.
I will devote the same level of dedication, integrity and trust to the role of PCC school governor and the children of St John’s school as I do to the patients and staff I serve in my current role with the NHS.