Araba Hagan


As a dedicated Year 5 teacher who has also enjoyed teaching in years 3 and 4, I am committed to school improvement and fostering an environment where every pupil enjoys learning, develops resilience and nurtures critical thinking skills. I believe in quality teaching that is grounded in evidence-informed practice and a collective approach that promotes the Five Creative Habits of Mind: collaboration, imagination, curiosity, persistence, and self-control (Lucas et al., 2013). By connecting classroom learning with real-life contexts, I aim to inspire pupils to form a vision for their lives, to overcome challenges through problem-solving and helping children to understand how they think. Additionally, I run assemblies where guest-speakers share their personal stories to motivate and empower students on their life-long learning journeys. I prioritise the emotional well-being of our pupils, aiming to ensure that every child feels emotionally secure and ready to engage in learning. Leading whole-school singing and Choir initiatives, I aim to instill ambition and excellence in our pupils, contributing to our collective vision of St John’s as a happy and hard-working school where everyone feels valued and empowered to become the best they can be.