Ann Jarero

LDBS Governor

Elected 2019
I am a former parent at St. John’s.  My daughter, now 26 and a Biologist, is currently studying for a PhD.  On becoming a parent I gave up working as a PA in the City.  During my daughter’s time at St. John’s I supported the school through membership of the PTFA and as a parent helper.

I now work as a Licensed Chaperone looking after children working in the Opera (E.N.O.) and the theatre.

This experience helps me greatly as a member of the Governing Body, to know and understand the needs of children and the current issues in the education of children.  My particular interests lie within the areas of curriculum, special needs and wellbeing.

Being a Governor of St. John’s School means always asking questions and supporting the Head and staff in their continual seeking of ideas and ways of moving on. It means never standing still and continuing to strive to do better and grow. It is also witnessing the school being academically successful, as well as in its sports and extra-curricular activities. Finally, it means supporting the children to grow spiritually and to become involved with their community.