Odette Brooks

Parent Governor

Elected 2018

I am the lucky mother of Jacob in year 4 and Ava-Marie in Year 1.  Like most parents, ensuring that my children receive a well-rounded education is of the utmost importance to me.  It is this shared goal, of wanting our children, but more significantly ALL children, to experience the best education they possibly can that has driven me to apply for the role of parent governor.


As an experienced senior leader and lead teacher of English, within an outstanding secondary school, I am responsible for delivering training, coaching and monitoring the quality of teaching and learning across my school. I also play an active role in our Ofsted teaching and learning working party. I have delivered training for primary school teachers across Haringey to develop their pedagogy in the teaching of analytical reading skills and have developed close professional relationships with a number of primary headteachers in the borough.  Alongside this, I have my own company delivering English and Maths Key Stage 2 exam intervention and support to students. Being a Christian, I also play an active role in St John’s church delivering character developing lessons in core Christian values at junior church.  My knowledge, faith and expertise would undoubtedly enrich my role as school governor in supporting the school’s vision to maintain and develop high standards for all learners.


As a parent governor, I would seek to be a critical buddy for the school, providing an objective perspective on matters affecting the school from the enriching viewpoint of a parent who is also a teacher. Being unafraid to ask pertinent questions, to encourage reflection, is something that I feel is very important to enable rigorous discussions.   I would be committed whole-heartedly and have enthusiasm and passion for the goal that every child feels safe, valued and enjoys their education. I would seek to represent the voice of parents from an unbiased and considered position, ultimately seeking to keep the perspective of the parent at the heart of important decision making.


Working as part of a team that is driven by the goal of continuous school improvement for all of our children would be such a privilege. If elected, I would be committed to this long-term vision and would utilise my expertise to support the school in achieving the very best for our precious little ones.