Tom Prior

Parent Governor

Elected 2018
I am the father of two and my eldest, Bella, is currently in Year 3. I therefore have a vested interest in helping the school maintain its high standards and having been part of the school for two years now I would like to give something back to the school community. I have worked for the public sector for over 10 years and am currently a Police Sergeant on a Neighbourhood team. I have an in depth knowledge around safeguarding and have worked closely with other local authorities and statutory bodies and can therefore understand some of the pressures schools are under currently. I am hard-working and thorough in my approach to any job and this is the attitude I would look to bring to this important role. I am approachable and would listen impartially to any concerns/feelings on vital matters and am used to maintaining strict confidentiality where appropriate. Communication is vital in a role of this nature and I carry this out to all levels in my current job and feel I could bring this to the Governor role. My children’s future and education is of the utmost importance to me and I would be delighted to be given the opportunity to make a difference, not just for my children but for the school as a whole. I would hope that the skills I have to offer would be of great benefit to the school. I am able to dedicate time to the school as I work shifts and am enthusiastic and well-motivated.