Francis Jones

Associate Governor

Elected – February 2015
I was initially elected on to the governing body by St John’s Church PCC and having served my term was asked to remain on the committee as an associate which I was pleased to do. I also sit on the Spiritual Life subcommittee.

I may seem a strange choice to be serving as a governor as I do not have any children of my own and had very little knowledge of the education system before my involvement with the school.  I do think, however, this gave me more reason to question and constantly seek clarification as to what was happening in the school.

I am a retired HR Manager having worked at Lloyds Bank for most of my working life.  Following retirement I volunteered to do a stint in Egypt working with Sudanese refugees who were fleeing persecution for being Christian.  One of my tasks was to work with the children and help teach them English.  On my return to the UK I applied for a voluntary position with the North London Hospice and have been working there for nearly 9 years.  Five years ago I was asked whether I would be interested in helping out at the school and I now read with groups of children, mainly the gifted and talented, challenging them on their perception of what they read.  This means I am constantly in the school and gives me a greater understanding of school life in general which helps me serve and support confidently the children and staff in my role as associate governor.